Course type name Summary Link
Building Better Relationships For Couples Couple relationships today often face many difficult challenges. Long term research has shown that the quality of a couples’ friendship and feeling of connection are fundamental in being able to... Find out more
Get Relationship Ready This 6 week course is designed for individuals (single or in a relationship) who want to: Refresh core skills on building and maintaining healthy relationships Improve self-awareness Boost... Find out more
Problem Gambling Support Group A FREE SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO: Have a safe space to share your journey with other people like you. Continue to build your skills in order to manage your gambling by either stopping... Find out more
Stopping Family Violence Stopping Family Violence is run at Spring Hill venue 2 x times per year. Any man interested in attending the program needs to book and complete 2 x 1 hour individual sessions to assess their... Find out more
Transcendence Social and Emotional Support Group Transcendence is a social and emotional support group for transgender and gender-diverse individuals, or those questioning their gender identity. What is Involved? Transcendence is a safe,... Find out more
Women's Workshops A free 5 week series of workshops for women who want to: Build greater emotional balance Improve self-awareness and build respectful relationship skills Connect with other women in a safe,... Find out more