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Couple relationships today often face many difficult challenges. Long term research has shown that the quality of a couples’ friendship and feeling of connection are fundamental in being able to successfully manage the inevitable difficulties that will arise over the years together. Find out how you can regain or build that your connection and transform your relationship together into the loving relationship you both desire. This six week course is designed for couples who want to:

  • Improve, enrich or re-establish their relationship; where there is commitment, friendship and healthy trust;
  • Improve their confidence in managing differences and conflict more constructively;
  • Create a positive long-term view of their future together.

This course is run by two experienced facilitators who create a safe, supportive and interactive learning environment.It is held between 17.30 to 19.30 on a Monday night, over six weeks. They must be booked in advance, including an intake appointment for each partner with one of the facilitators prior to acceptance – it is not possible to show up on the day without prior arrangement.

This six-week course covers: 

  • Understanding the signs that accompany challenges
  • Building friendship
  • The importance of trust and commitment
  • How to turn to each other in times of stress and challenge, and the skills to help with this
  • Communication skills, both as speaker and listener
  • Accepting, managing and celebrating difference
  • Conflict management skills
  • Creating a meaningful relationship

The course is based on the research of Dr John Gottman and not only informs participants of ways to create a loving relationship, but also teaches the required skills through experiential exercises and discussion.

If you are interested in this course please call 1300 364 277 to register. Courses will be held face-to-face in venue.

The next course will be running from May 10 - June 14 at the Spring Hill venue.


People over 18 years

Note: This is a course for couples who are committed to their relationship and have a desire to make it more fulfilling/successful.  It is also suitable for couples who may be experiencing some issues and difficulties but are still talking and living together.  If you are in distress, fighting frequently or thinking of separating, we recommend our counselling services.


This course runs over six weeks on Monday evenings 17:30-19:30.


$120 per individual for seven weeks (Concessions available)