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Building Better Relationships For Couples The Building Better Relationships Workshop will equip you and your partner with the practical knowledge and skills to build connection, friendship and intimacy in your relationship. We also focus on... Find out more
Communication in Relationships Communication is a key component of any relationship. When we can communicate effectively, we are more likely to have healthier and happier relationships as we can express our needs and wants and... Find out more
Queerlationships Queerlationships is a A FREE group for individuals from LGBTQIA+SB communities who want to strengthen their relationships with themselves and others. All diverse genders and sexualities welcome. You... Find out more
Rainbow Building Better Relationships Couples often face difficult challenges as they navigate their unique relationship journey. LGBTIQA+ relationship/s often face specific stressors, including navigating societal biases and prejudice... Find out more
Setting Healthy Boundaries The Setting Healthy Boundaries Workshop will equip you with the practical knowledge and skills to understand, establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships. The workshop will cover... Find out more
Stepfamily Realities Couples in a step-family setting often face a great number of challenges in creating a blended family culture that balances everyone’s needs. Healthy, inclusive and meaningful step-family... Find out more
Stopping Family Violence Stopping Family Violence is run at Spring Hill venue 2 x times per year. Any man interested in attending the program needs to book and complete 2 x 1 hour individual sessions to assess their... Find out more