28 March, 2024
There’s a lot of global unrest and devastation happening in the news. But many of us are still processing the outcome of last year’s referendum.  On the 14th of October 2023, Australians voted... Read more
21 September, 2023
The Voice referendum will take place on 14 October, when Australians will vote yes or no to establishing a First Nations Voice in the Constitution.  There are many opinions being shared about... Read more
11 September, 2023
By CEO Natasha RaeThe Voice to Parliament has been approached with the standard debates and misinformation of most political issues. But in this case, a Voice is not a political issue – it’s a... Read more
30 August, 2023
We’ve been seeing a lot of opinions on The Voice to Parliament in the media lately.  The Voice conversation is an important one, but it’s also a challenging and distressing time for some... Read more
22 August, 2023
By CEO Natasha Rae A First Nations Voice to Parliament will not divide us. But the misinformation and fearmongering in the leadup to the referendum are.  The proposed Voice to Parliament has... Read more