17 November, 2022
Do you ‘shut down’ or feel emotionally numb when you get overwhelmed? You could be emotionally detaching. Emotional detachment describes a state of being unable or unwilling to engage or connect... Read more
17 November, 2022
Are you feeling disconnected from your friends and family? Maybe you feel misunderstood or like no one “gets” you. Or perhaps you feel emotionally “empty” and don’t have the bandwidth to engage with... Read more
17 November, 2022
In a relationship, you have the power to influence your partner in a positive or negative way. Your words and behaviours can lift them up or bring them down. You bring out the best in your partner... Read more
31 October, 2022
You’ve done it! Moving to a new city is a huge accomplishment that takes a lot of courage. Once you’ve visited all the top tourist attractions, found your new favourite coffee spot, and started to... Read more
25 October, 2022
It’s a question as old as time. Before you consider whether you can (or want to) be friends with a past partner, you should ask yourself why you have friends and what you get from your friendships.... Read more