15 February, 2024
Does your partner use control, manipulation, or intimidation to influence your behaviour? Control in a relationship can range from telling you what you can and can’t do to more subtle manipulation... Read more
09 February, 2024
Comparison is a normal human behaviour – especially at certain ages and stages of life. People in their teens and 20s are particularly prone to comparing their path to that of their peers and... Read more
01 February, 2024
When your children grow up, it’s natural for your relationship with them to change. However, if you’re arguing or experiencing conflict with your grown children, it can feel upsetting. You may feel... Read more
01 February, 2024
Friends aren’t just a nice bonus in life – they’re a key ingredient to our happiness and wellbeing. While it’s not uncommon for some couples to spend all their time together in the early stages,... Read more
29 January, 2024
Some dependence is healthy in a relationship, where both people can rely on each other when they need support.  But what happens when you rely on each other too much? This can lead to... Read more