05 December, 2023
Have you found yourself in a family conflict with no idea what to do? This conflict might be with anyone in your family, including your adult children or grandchildren. You may feel your wishes aren... Read more
28 November, 2023
Your favourite song. A hug from a loved one. The first sip of coffee. These can all be considered ‘glimmers’ – small moments of joy that boost your mood and make you feel calm. The term was coined... Read more
16 November, 2023
Have you ever made a judgement about someone because of their age? Or perhaps you’ve felt misunderstood or left out because of your age? Ageism is defined as negative stereotypes, prejudices, and... Read more
16 November, 2023
Emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ) is an important skill for navigating personal and professional relationships. It refers to the ability to read the emotions of others... Read more
13 November, 2023
No one likes seeing a loved one upset, especially if we’re the cause. It can be tough to know how to say we’re sorry when our intentions were good. But if you’ve accidentally offended a friend,... Read more