18 July, 2023
Every relationship has its ups and downs, but mental health conditions can bring unique challenges for both partners. Research shows almost a third of people in Australia will experience an anxiety... Read more
18 July, 2023
One in six older Australians report experiencing elder abuse in the past year. Certain factors can affect one’s vulnerability to abuse. Here are some lifestyle habits that can help protect yourself... Read more
17 July, 2023
Humbugging is when a person makes unreasonable demands from a family member. First Nations Elders can become vulnerable to humbugging as a form of financial elder abuse. Here are some signs of being... Read more
11 July, 2023
There are endless approaches – and opinions – when it comes to parenting.  ‘Gentle parenting’ has become a popular topic online in recent years, and we’re still learning more about this... Read more
05 July, 2023
An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) gives someone else the legal power to make health and financial decisions on your behalf. Misusing an EPOA against an older person is a form of elder abuse... Read more