What is Family Support Service?

Delivering a range of free services to families with children aged between 0 – 18. Working with you to improve the safety and wellbeing of your family.

What is involved?

The aim of the Family Support Service is to strengthen the capacity of families to meet the challenges they face at different times in their lives.

The Family Support Service delivers a range of free services to families with children aged between 0 – 18 to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

These services include:

  • General information
  • Advice and referral
  • Individual and family counselling
  • Parenting and household skill development through group education programs
  • Community education
  • Specialist advice and support to other child and family related organisations

The service can be accessed through referral from another government or non-government organisation. In some venues you can refer yourself. Please check with the venue to see if this applies.

At your first appointment, the Family Support Worker will work with you to develop a support plan to meet the needs of your family.

This support plan may include services provided by the Family Support Service such as individual or family counselling, participation in group education programs and/or referral to a specialist service.

Who Is Family Support Service For?

Parents and caregivers with children under 18 years of age who require support to increase the safety and wellbeing of their children and family.

The Benefits of Family Support Service
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Develop coping skills for dealing with difficult family issues or crisis
  • Encourage children to attend and do their best at childcare and school
  • Better manage household duties, such as cooking and cleaning
  • Improve self-esteem and feel more confident as a parent or care-giver
  • Improve the relationships within your family
  • Access health and welfare services, including doctors, counsellors, drug and alcohol services, sexual health services and child health specialists
  • Assistance around budgeting
  • Help preventing the risks associated with raising children
  • Improve the relationships within your family
  • Access to related services