30 May, 2024
Elder abuse is any abuse against a senior or an older person. If you’re an older person who is feeling unsafe in any of your relationships, you may be experiencing elder abuse. We provide free... Read more
13 May, 2024
Everyone, regardless of how old they are, deserves to feel safe and respected in their relationships. If you’re feeling unsafe or scared around a specific family member, partner, friend, or... Read more
19 March, 2024
By CEO Natasha Rae  After over a decade of advocacy, the Queensland Government has passed legislation to criminalise coercive control as a standalone offence. Behaviour from adults such as... Read more
15 February, 2024
Does your partner use control, manipulation, or intimidation to influence your behaviour? Control in a relationship can range from telling you what you can and can’t do to more subtle manipulation... Read more
01 February, 2024
When your children grow up, it’s natural for your relationship with them to change. However, if you’re arguing or experiencing conflict with your grown children, it can feel upsetting. You may feel... Read more