19 April, 2021
Domestic and family abuse is often described as something that happens in a pattern or cycle. The domestic violence cycle of abuse proposed by psychologist Lenore Walker in the 1970s is still... Read more
19 April, 2021
If you’re experiencing domestic and family violence or abuse, you might like to prepare a domestic violence safety plan to increase your safety and look after yourself. Including an escape plan in... Read more
15 April, 2021
Domestic and family violence comes in many forms. While every domestically violent relationship is based on power and control by the abuser, how this power and control is exerted can vary. Many... Read more
30 March, 2021
For many, self-isolation is an inconvenience. But for survivors of domestic abuse, it’s a nightmare. Domestic and family violence rates have risen around the world since the coronavirus lockdown.... Read more
18 January, 2021
The term ‘gaslighting’ has become popular in recent years, but this behaviour has been common among abusers for centuries. Gaslighting is a form of abuse used to manipulate and control the victim.... Read more