06 May, 2021
It can be devastating to see a loved one in an unsafe relationship. It can also be difficult for an outsider to understand why a victim of domestic and family violence doesn’t leave the relationship... Read more
29 April, 2021
The signs of an abusive relationship aren’t always obvious. Some people might live in an unhealthy or abusive relationship and not realise they’re experiencing domestic abuse. This is because some... Read more
23 April, 2021
Sexual abuse is most commonly committed by someone a survivor knows, including an intimate partner. There are many terms to describe sexual abuse in a relationship, including intimate partner sexual... Read more
23 April, 2021
Not all domestic abuse is physical, and some types of abuse can be hard to recognise. In fact, some people can live in an abusive relationship for years and not realise they’re experiencing abuse.... Read more
19 April, 2021
Domestic and family abuse is often described as something that happens in a pattern or cycle. The domestic violence cycle of abuse proposed by psychologist Lenore Walker in the 1970s is still... Read more