27 March, 2023
Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse, and it can have dangerous impacts on survivors. But what exactly counts as coercive control, and how do we know if we’re being controlling? A... Read more
15 February, 2023
Emotional abuse, also referred to as psychological abuse, is non-physical behaviour that frightens, controls, or isolates the victim. Emotional abuse often accompanies other types of abuse, but it... Read more
14 February, 2023
Leaving an abusive relationship is never easy, and in many situations, it can also be unsafe. In fact, the period that follows leaving an abusive partner can be the most dangerous time for a... Read more
09 February, 2023
Controlling behaviour can range from directly telling someone what they can and can’t do, to more subtle methods, such as giving you the silent treatment if they don’t get their own way. Controlling... Read more
01 February, 2023
Does your partner make you feel guilty, insecure, intimidated, or dependent on them? You could be in a controlling relationship. A controlling relationship is one where one person uses manipulation... Read more