30 March, 2021
For many, self-isolation is an inconvenience. But for survivors of domestic abuse, it’s a nightmare. Domestic and family violence rates have risen around the world since the coronavirus lockdown.... Read more
18 January, 2021
The term ‘gaslighting’ has become popular in recent years, but this behaviour has been common among abusers for centuries. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation and control that can be so subtle the... Read more
15 December, 2020
Support is available for those affected by domestic and family violence. Domestic and family violence is a complex and pervasive issue. It is never acceptable. Everyone deserves to feel safe in... Read more
01 December, 2020
Do you feel like you’re stepping on eggshells with your partner? Do they ‘keep score’ and hold things against you to get their way? Power exists in every relationship, whether it’s with your partner... Read more
21 September, 2020
Worried a friend or someone you know is in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, but not sure what to do? Whether you suspect the abuse is physical, emotional, financial or other, it can be hard to... Read more