16 November, 2023
Have you ever made a judgement about someone because of their age? Or perhaps you’ve felt misunderstood or left out because of your age? Ageism is defined as negative stereotypes, prejudices, and... Read more
10 October, 2023
Along with our physical wellbeing, our mental health is essential to our enjoyment of life, especially as we age. Mental ill health, like depression and anxiety, is underdiagnosed in seniors, and... Read more
19 September, 2023
Noticing a senior express signs of depression, anxiety, or possible abuse is never easy. 10 - 15% of older Australians experience depression or anxiety, while one in six older Australians report... Read more
31 August, 2023
With the cost of living on the rise, more families are moving in together. While intergenerational living can have its benefits, having multiple family members under one roof can make it difficult... Read more
27 July, 2023
Gambling is engrained in Australian culture. However, when gambling becomes harmful instead of positive, it can have severe consequences. Older Australians have the highest rates of many types of... Read more