15 February, 2023
Emotional abuse, also referred to as psychological abuse, is non-physical behaviour that frightens, controls, or isolates the victim. Emotional abuse often accompanies other types of abuse, but it... Read more
07 February, 2023
As your parents age, their needs and their abilities tend to change. You may be wondering if it’s time to move your elderly parents out of their home and into your home with you. If your elderly... Read more
02 February, 2023
Did you know that staying socially active as you get older will make you a happier, healthier senior? Old age leads to certain difficulties that contribute to social isolation and feelings of... Read more
22 January, 2023
Financial abuse is a form of abuse in which the victim is financially exploited or manipulated. It can include controlling finances, withholding money, or various forms of stealing. The World Health... Read more
12 January, 2023
“Cost of living” refers to the cost of essentials and day-to-day necessities. In the past twelve months, the cost of living for seniors in Australia has risen by 6.3%. This major increase can make... Read more