What is Men and Family Relationships?

Supporting men to strengthen relationships and connections with their families and communities.

What is involved?

Relationships Australia offers a range of Men and Family Relationship Services including counselling, family dispute resolution, assistance on relationship and parenting matters, and education courses on relationship issues and personal growth. The service involves talking with a counsellor about any difficulties that you are experiencing. Clients can access the service through self referral or through referral from another government or non-government organisation.

Who is Men and Family Relationships for?

Men and their families seeking counselling, assistance on relationship and parenting matters, education courses on relationship issues, family dispute resolution and personal growth.

The benefits of Men and Family Relationships

Our services aim to help men build and maintain strong relationships with their family, partner, children and friends. We offer information and support on a range of life matters such as family and personal relationships, health or work issues.

Rebuilding after Separation and Divorce

Assistance is available for men who have experienced the breakdown of a relationship and are going through separation. Our services help men with confidence-building and skill-building so that they can move ahead with life.

Separated Fathers and their Children

We offer assistance to fathers in developing skills to parent their children after separation and divorce. We help parents undergoing conflict to make positive changes in the best interest of their children and themselves. We also have groups for single and separated fathers to get and share knowledge and to explore issues that concern them.


Our fathering services help to build open, positive relationships within the family. We offer information and support on parenting matters through programs such as: “And Baby Makes Three”, “Parenting Teenagers” and “On Being a Dad”.

Making Step-Parenting Work

For couples with children from a previous relationship, this course will help them deal with the joys and challenges of step-families.

Anger Management for Men

These courses are for men of all ages who have difficulty managing their anger. Its purpose is to enable participants to understand anger and overcome its negative consequences.

Note that this course is not for men involved in family violence. Men in this situation should access Family Violence Prevention Services Counselling.