06 June, 2023
Social connection is one of our most important human needs. It’s in our DNA, just like our need for food and water.  Studies show that healthy relationships not only increase our self-esteem... Read more
18 April, 2023
Every relationship takes work. But military or defence force relationships can face some unique challenges. Life in the defence force can require time away from home due to deployment, training, and... Read more
27 March, 2023
Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse, and it can have dangerous impacts on survivors. But what exactly counts as coercive control, and how do we know if we’re being controlling? A... Read more
17 November, 2022
Do you ‘shut down’ or feel emotionally numb when you get overwhelmed? You could be emotionally detaching. Emotional detachment describes a state of being unable or unwilling to engage or connect... Read more
17 November, 2022
Are you feeling disconnected from your friends and family? Maybe you feel misunderstood or like no one “gets” you. Or perhaps you feel emotionally “empty” and don’t have the bandwidth to engage with... Read more