10 August, 2023
The upcoming Voice referendum and related First Nations issues have sparked conversations on TV, social media, and in our everyday lives.  Perhaps your child has approached you with curiosity... Read more
10 August, 2023
The Voice has been a popular topic in the media as we edge closer to the referendum, expected to take place later this year.  Opinions and feelings are strong and varied, and we’ve heard from a... Read more
26 July, 2023
With strong opinions on both sides of The Voice debate, you may find yourself disagreeing with some of the people you care about.  We don’t always share the same beliefs as our friends and... Read more
21 July, 2023
RAQ recently announced that we stand in favour of enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament.  We’re deeply grateful for the generosity of our First Nations staff who shared their diverse... Read more
19 July, 2023
The Voice debate is an important and historic one. But the referendum process and related conversations will likely be challenging – and potentially distressing – for Aboriginal and Torres Strait... Read more