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Blog Post | 19 January, 2022
For many parents, COVID-19 has added to the stress of already difficult family circumstances. Your usual co-parenting arrangements might be disrupted by new challenges such as school closures, travel bans, social distancing, mask mandates, and conflicting opinions around vaccinations. These changes may be causing some uncertainty and anxiety for you and your child. We hope this information helps if you have questions about COVID impacting your situation. As always, your child’s safety and best interests should be your main priority.   What can I do if my co-parent doesn’t want our child... Read more
Blog Post | 25 June, 2020
The coronavirus has turned our world upside-down in ways we could have never imagined. But along with the disruption and uncertainty, the past few months have presented an opportunity to adapt and learn. Like with most tough times, self-isolation has a few unexpected silver linings – from more time with family to saving some extra cash.  We asked some of the RAQ team to share the positive lessons they’ve learnt during COVID-19.   I learnt to embrace the art of slowing down "I’ve been getting back to basics and enjoying the simple pleasures life on slow-mode has to offer. I’ve... Read more
Blog Post | 24 July, 2020
As restrictions in Queensland are lifted and our social lives are resuscitated, you might be approaching catch-ups with extra caution. Public gatherings and social occasions increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading. This is why physical distancing and hygiene measurements remain in place to keep us safe. With the coronavirus outbreak still hanging over our heads, it’s normal to be worried about getting a little too close to people from outside your household. If you’d like to avoid busy cafés and bars, stick to the 1.5m rule without alienating your friends and schedule in some of these fun... Read more
Blog Post | 20 April, 2020
While those of us who are able to do our jobs from home right now are extremely lucky, this doesn’t mean that working from home doesn’t have its challenges. Working from home can be great – until your toddler wants to play on your keyboard, or that new release on Netflix becomes too tempting. Yep, it can be tough to stay focused at home. Sure, we don’t have our co-workers dropping by our desk or inviting us to lunch. But the home office can pose even more distractions and make it seem almost impossible to separate our work from our personal life. If you’re struggling to stay productive or... Read more
Blog Post | 21 March, 2023
Having a sense of belonging where we live can make us happier and less lonely. Social isolation is a major cause of loneliness. Building a sense of community in your neighbourhood can help reduce social isolation for yourself and for your neighbours. Here are 5 fun ways that you can create connection and community in your neighbourhood.   1. Become a regular at a local business Frequenting local businesses, such as your favourite café, can help... Read more
Blog Post | 22 May, 2020
With everything that's going on at the moment, we want you to know help is still available when you need it. Online counselling is a great way to get professional support from the comfort of your home. It could be the perfect option if: You’re following social distancing guidelines You live in a remote area You live with mobility restrictions You don’t have time to get to an in-person appointment You don’t like to leave your home. We understand you might be hesitant to access online counselling if you’ve never tried it before. So we wanted to share one of the many positive... Read more
Blog Post | 27 April, 2022
Relationships Australia Queensland CEO Ian Law shares a message ahead of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month 2022.   Each May, Queensland acknowledges Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month (DFVP Month). DFVP Month raises awareness of domestic and family violence (DFV) and sends a clear message that DFV in families and homes will not be tolerated. Data from the Queensland Government shows Queensland has experienced a 17% increase in domestic violence offences since the COVID-19 pandemic. Men’s violence against women continues to be an issue in Queensland and all... Read more
Blog Post | 13 August, 2021
COVID-19 restrictions had many of us working from home for long periods of time, and some of us are still firing up our laptops from the home office or couch. Working from home has its perks, such as sleep-ins, flexibility, and saving on fuel – but it also has its pitfalls. As we spend more and more time working remotely, we’re learning just how much it can impact our mental health and happiness. This article will explore some of the psychological effects of working from home and how to avoid loneliness without the social interactions of a workplace.   Psychological Effects of... Read more
Blog Post | 11 June, 2020
As restrictions are lifted and our freedom returns, some of us are surprised to find we’re not quite as excited for things to go back to ‘normal’ as we thought we’d be. In fact, we’re feeling kind of anxious about life post-lockdown (and not just because we’ll need to wear shoes and sit in traffic again). Maybe you’re concerned about your physical health. Maybe you’re worried about readjusting to a faster pace in your workplace. Or maybe you’re nervous about socialising after months of self-isolation. Whatever your reasons for feeling nervous about society starting up again, it’s not... Read more
Blog Post | 28 March, 2022
COVID-related social distancing and self-isolation mandates forced many of us to work from home during the peak of the outbreak. While some of us have since returned to the workplace, others have remained at home for our 9-5. Research from September 2021 found that 67% of employed Australians were sometimes or always working from home, compared to 42% before COVID. Working from home has its perks (sleep-ins, no commute, increased flexibility), but it can also have some pitfalls (blurred... Read more