As restrictions in Queensland are lifted and our social lives are resuscitated, you might be approaching catch-ups with extra caution.

Public gatherings and social occasions increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading. This is why physical distancing and hygiene measurements remain in place to keep us safe.

With the coronavirus outbreak still hanging over our heads, it’s normal to be worried about getting a little too close to people from outside your household. If you’d like to avoid busy cafés and bars, stick to the 1.5m rule without alienating your friends and schedule in some of these fun social distancing activities.

Please check restrictions and guidelines in your state before making social plans.


Book the courts for doubles tennis

Grab a racquet and three mates and book your nearest tennis courts for an afternoon of competitive fun. Doubles tennis is a great group activity that keeps you safely distanced from each other (and gets the heart pumping and endorphins flowing). You can catch up on the latest in each other’s lives between sets.


Have a picnic on the beach

It might not be beach weather at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the salty air and crashing waves from the sand. Pack a lunch and enjoy chatting with your mates over a picnic blanket and your favourite snacks. Avoid sharing food if you want to be especially cautious.


Host a painting night

Put a spin on your Friday night in and host a paint party at home. You’ll find everything you need at your local department or craft store, including acrylic paint, brushes, canvases, water containers, and palettes (or paper plates). You can find paint tutorials online, or unleash your inner Bob Ross and freehand it.


Go for a hike at a national park

If you’re tired of the same old scenery on your around-the-block walk, why not pull on your hiking boots and take your social walks to the next level? National parks are open for business, and offer a great way to spend time with friends while getting your steps in. Enjoy the fresh air and don’t forget to pack a water bottle!


Go for a bike ride around your neighbourhood

This is another fun (and free) social distancing activity that can be enjoyed in a pair or in a group. If you haven’t gotten to know your neighbourhood on two wheels, now’s the perfect time to strap on a helmet and get sightseeing. Whether it’s a leisurely ride or a quad-burning workout, a bike ride in the fresh air is sure to shake off some of the iso dust.


Set up a game of backyard cricket

If you’ve got the space in your yard (or your local park), grab the crew and have a hit. Outdoor fun at its finest, backyard cricket gets everyone involved – young and old – and allows you to have a chat and a laugh with plenty of space between you.


Visit a farm

Fancy petting baby animals, making sheep’s cheese, or learning how your favourite condiments are made? Queensland boasts plenty of authentic farm experiences to tick off your bucket list. Check out this list of some of the must-see animal farms and parks in the area.


Do a bootcamp class

All our #fitfriends will love working up a sweat at an outdoor bootcamp class. Set one up yourself or finally make use of your ‘bring a friend for free’ voucher from the gym. There’s nothing like bringing a friend to your workout for some added motivation.


Walk your dogs

Getting outside = good for your mental health. Pets = good for your mental health. Combine the two for a feel-good catch-up with a friend. Don’t forget your doggy bags!


Visit your local markets

Avoid the crowds and head to your weekend markets early to grab a coffee and your weekly fruit and veg while catching up.

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