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These interactive workshops for women are free and generally held over five weeks between 10.00am and 12.30am on a weekday. They are run regularly throughout the year, and must be booked in advance. They also include a 15 minute phone conversation with the course facilitator prior to acceptance – it is not possible to show up on the day without prior arrangement.

We recommend that you attend all five workshops. but please discuss with the course facilitator if that is not possible. 

Please check below for upcoming dates.

Course Program

Anger - Explore and manage the feelings and needs beneath your anger.
Communication - Practice effective listening, speaking, and conflict skills.
Assertiveness - Consider what causes you to be aggressive or non-assertive, and practice establishing your own personal boundaries.
Self-Acceptance - Identify your own self-critical or anxious thoughts and find ways to accept yourself as you are.
Stress Management - Practice different methods to calm yourself, relax, and become more mindful.


Women over 18 years (maximum of 12 women).


The workshops are free, and held between 10.00am-12.30am on a weekday, over five consecutive weeks.


self-esteem    assertiveness   communication   anger   stress

Information and bookings

For more information or to find out if this course is available in your area please call 1300 364 277