Course type name Summary Link
Building Better Relationships For Couples Couples today often face many difficult challenges. Long term research has shown that the quality of a couples’ friendship and feeling of connection are fundamental in being able to successfully... Find out more
Circle of Security Parenting Training The Circle of Security (COS) is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents/care givers and children. Circle of Security Parenting... Find out more
Family Therapy Clinic Family Therapy aims to prevent family breakdown by working directly with couples, families, young people and their families or caregivers to resolve conflict and improve relationships. It is a... Find out more
Looking In, Looking Out The Life’s Journey Group is is a free six week friendly group for women who are parenting. Participants will be able to experience new and creative things, explore ideas, and meet new people.  Hands... Find out more
Partners to Parents Partners to Parents is a program designed to assist couples in their transition into parenthood. Course Program Exploration of couple difference and its influence on individual expectations... Find out more
Stepfamily Realities Stepfamily Realities is a course designed to help people who are parenting in a stepfamily or considering forming a stepfamily. Course Program Uniting couples — identifying and sharing beliefs and... Find out more
Stopping Family Violence Stopping Family Violence is run at Spring Hill venue 2 x times per year. Any man interested in attending the program needs to book and complete 2 x 1 hour individual sessions to assess their... Find out more
The Life's Journey Group The Looking In Looking Out Group is a free, six week group for mothers, grandmothers and female carers who have children under the age of 18 years in their care —who are interested in exploring... Find out more
Women's Workshops A free 5 week series of workshops for women who want to: Build greater emotional balance Improve self-awareness and build respectful relationship skills Connect with other women in a safe,... Find out more