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Family Therapy aims to prevent family breakdown by working directly with couples, families, young people and their families or caregivers to resolve conflict and improve relationships.

It is a voluntary, co-operative problem solving process in which qualified and impartial counsellors and Masters Counselling students assist you to resolve disputes and make decisions by agreement.

Family Therapy tends to be short-term and focuses on resolving current conflict and planning for the future.

How can I benefit from these services?

The services may help you to re-establish connections with family members and improve relationships or resolve issues.

Who could access these services?

Families going through difficult times may find it useful when couples / parents want to build better relationships with each other and their children.

Young people living at home or out of home who want counselling for family issues, which may include conflict, abuse, domestic violence, neglect or rejection.

Young people living in residential care or youth housing who want to re-establish relationships with their families.

Parents with a child who has left home and may be acting in an unsafe or dangerous way, such as abusing drugs or alcohol, or using violence towards themselves or others.

How much does it cost?

Family Therapy Clinic has a charge of $75 (or $35 concession) per 60 minute appointment. Sessions are available from Monday through to Friday, subject to the availability of our counsellors. 

Family Therapy Clinic is available at both our Maroochydore and Spring Hill venues.

How do I book in?

Your counsellor will talk to you about the session and may book you in, or else you may phone Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277.

Upcoming Dates for this Course

Please call 1300 364 277 to check the upcoming dates for this course.