What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling supports individuals, couples & families with strategies to deal with everyday life issues.

Relationships impact on our wellbeing and happiness. When our personal relationships are not working well, our ability to cope with other areas of our life is often affected. Many relationship difficulties can be managed and supported with the right kind of help.

What is involved?

Relationship Counselling involves talking with a counsellor about any relationship difficulties that you are experiencing. Whether you are wishing to enter a relationship, wanting to enhance your relationship, or having difficulties within your relationship, the counsellor will work in partnership with you as an individual or with you and your partner, asking questions to understand your relationship and assist you to find ways to manage your situation more effectively.

If you prefer, specialist counselling services are available for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (migrants, refugees and people with English as a second language) and people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender or Intersex.

Counselling sessions are confidential.

What happens at counselling?

You are encouraged to explore your feelings and emotions in a safe place where problems and issues can be understood. Counselling can help you gain clarity, exploring a wide range of possibilities, options and the possible consequences of actions. People report feeling supported, acknowledged, respected and valued throughout the counselling process.

Book an appointment

For more information or to make an appointment please call us on 1300 364 277.

Who is relationship counselling for?

Relationship Counselling can assist you if you are:

  • Preparing to be in a relationship
  • Starting a relationship
  • Wanting to make your relationship stronger
  • Having relationship difficulties
The Benefits of Relationship Counselling
  • Help you to identify patterns in your relationship
  • Help recognise the factors which are contributing to misunderstandings
  • Help improve communication
  • Help manage differences and explore possibilities
  • Help address issues around managing conflict, affairs, parenting, sexual difficulties, loss and grief and separation
What if my partner doesn’t want to come?

You can access counselling on your own and this will ultimately impact on your partner, as change in one person in a relationship will also affect the other.  Also sometimes when one person accesses counselling, their partner can see the positive change and can be encouraged to attend.

Relationship Counselling FAQs