Family Counselling

We offer a few options for family counselling depending on where you live (options can be different at venues around the state) and which type of family counselling/therapy will suit your family members. Please call 1300 364 277 to enquire about the services available at your local venue.

Family Counselling aims to prevent family breakdown by working directly with couples, families, young people and their families or caregivers to resolve conflict and improve relationships. This information is for families who are currently together or have amicable relationships if separated and would like counselling or support to deal with family issues. For families who are going through separation, please see Separation Services.

As an overview, Family Therapy Clinic is a form of counselling where we use a reflecting team model.  All participants for family therapy are taken through an intake session and then referred to the appropriate program for them.  This models tends to be short-term and focuses on resolving current conflict and planning for the future.  It may help you to re-establish connections with family members and improve relationships or resolve issues.

Another option which may be more suitable for your family is Family Counselling, where your family is seen by two separate counsellors in an intake session, and then seen together as a family.

If your local venue doesn't offer family counselling models, Relationship Counselling (for families) is another excellent way of making changes in your family, and some people may prefer it, especially as a first step. It can be attended by a parent and child, two siblings, or a couple wanting help with parenting. This approach would work more like typical relationship counselling, where two people attend with a counsellor. For a family situation, this can still be very effective, as any changes which are made by two members of the family, will affect the rest of the family group. Please see below for more details.

Family Therapy

If you are considering this type of counselling, call 1300 364 277 to find a venue that offers this service and ask for a Family Therapy Referral form. If Family Therapy is the best model for your family, you would attend an individual intake session followed by and Family Therapy session where the whole family attends.  Families going through difficult times may find this model of counselling helpful to re-establish connections with family members, improve relationships, resolve issues and build better relationships with each other and their children.

If the intake determines that Family Therapy is not the best method of getting the best outcome for your family, Family Counselling might be offered instead. See below for details.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling is different from Family Therapy, in that it offers a model of counselling where two counsellors work with your family, separately at first for an intake and then together as a whole family. This can be good for situations where families are going through difficult times and how to improve their relationships or resolve issues.

Relationship Counsellings (For families)

A third option, which is still very effective for creating change in families, is Relationship Counselling (for a family situation). Relationship Counselling can provide families with strategies to deal with everyday life issues, and can be attended by a parent and child, two siblings, or a couple wanting help with parenting. Although the whole family wouldn’t be present at counselling, significant change and impact can still be achieved, because when one person changes in a relationships the relationship changes.