Relationships Australia Queensland (RAQ) takes all whistleblower concerns seriously. Your feedback will assist us in the continuous improvement of our services.
This form is used for receiving and recording information from whistleblowers.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality is important. Any information you provide on this form is sent directly to the Whistleblower Protection Officer.
The Protection Officer will make sure:

  • any personal information that could be used to identify you will not be given to RAQ; and
  • they will be the person to communicate with you about your concerns and the initial investigation of the issues.

You can report your concerns anonymously, however this may make it more difficult to investigate the matter. RAQ will not be able to respond to you personally.

Even if you wish to remain anonymous, you could be identified if:

  • you have discussed or mentioned to other people that you are considering making a disclosure, or
  • the issue that you are reporting on relates to a section of the business that only a few individuals would know about, or
  • the disclosure relates to information you have previously been told privately and in confidence.

IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, your report will be investigated, but you will not be notified or contacted further about the result of that investigation.

Your Contact Details

These will only be used by the Whistleblower Protection Officer if you have NOT asked to remain anonymous.
Please select your relationship to RAQ.
Please provide details of your concerns (what happened, date, time and place where this occurred, and the persons involved).
Do you have any evidence that can be provided? (Please list above. You may be asked to provide copies later).