What is Tertiary Family Support?

Tertiary Family Support works with families to meet the care and protection needs of their children. It provides parenting support to families, supporting them to be stronger and safer so they can cope with the challenges they face at different times in their lives. Only families referred from the Bowen Child Safety Service Centre can access this service. 

What can we do to help families?
  • Assist family to work through a support plan provided by Child Safety Services
  • Develop more respectful family relationships to reduce stress and improve coping skills
  • Support families to make safe and positive changes
  • Empower families to identify and build on strengths
  • Work alongside families to address challenges and prioritise tasks and activities
  • Strategies and tools to enhance parenting
  • Support to develop routine and structure within the home
  • Develop understanding of child development and improve child-parent attachment
  • Enable access to health and community services and support networks
How to contact us

If you think you might be eligible for this service, please speak to your Child Safety Officer.