What is Regional Family Dispute Resolution?

A mediation program to support separating parties in regional communities to negotiate parenting arrangements, and resolve property and financial issues following separation. 

What is Involved?

Regional Family Dispute Resolution sessions are tailored for separating, or separated, families experiencing issues. 

RFDR provides information, support, counselling and mediation, depending on what your family requires. 

The process starts with an intake session, where the practitioner will focus on understanding you and your situation. The practitioner will then be able to determine what sessions, or services, are best suited for your situation, and your process will begin.    

For services such as counselling and mediation, more than one meeting is not unusual.    

Any agreements you may reach in Regional Family Dispute Resolution are drawn up in good faith, and you are committed to them in that way. They are not legally binding, but the practitioner will be able to discuss ways on how can make these agreements so.

Who is Regional Family Dispute Resolution For?

Any couples who are separating, or have separated, with or without children. (If you would like to find out what programs are available near you, you can call the RAQ call center to be walked through your options.) 

The Benefits of Regional Family Dispute Resolution
  • Support through or after separation for all people involved 
  • You're supported to put the wellbeing of your children at the front of decision making  
  • Supports negotiation and self-determined decisions 
  • Provides a structure for healthier resolution of future disputes  
  • Sessions take place in safe environments at convenient times  
  • Helps to improve communication and conflict management