Some separated people rely on goodwill and regular communication to raise their children from separate households.

  • RAQ thinks that the parenting and other arrangements that separated people make themselves is the most powerful agreement of all, although legal power is not involved.

Some separated people use Family Dispute Resolution, which involves mediation, to arrive at agreements about children and property.

  • Family Relationship Centres can offer family dispute resolution, which involves mediation for parents and grandparents. RAQ venues offer very similar services for anyone in the community who is in dispute including those without children.

Parenting Plans in legal definition mean the agreements parents make themselves for raising their children but signed and dated by each parent to provide evidence of consent.

  • If a parenting plan breaks down, parents can return to re-mediate the plan or a magistrate will see the efforts made so far, if parents go to court.

RAQ mediators offer a safe and confidential setting for people to identify problems and conflicts they have to work on.