21 March, 2011
For many gay couples, the thought of having children together is both joyful and daunting, not only for the sheer challenges and richness of raising a family, but the significant obstacles both... Read more
21 March, 2011
The Family Law Act was originally passed in 1975 but recently a number of amendments have been made.  One of the key changes is the emphasis on the principle of shared parenting responsibility... Read more
04 March, 2011
Separation and divorce is a change that affects a number of Australian families each year.  With 40% of all marriages ending in divorce the Australian Institute of Family Studies states that... Read more
25 February, 2011
Before heading off on a long road trip, taking some time to plan out the best route often results in a smoother, safer ride to your destination. Long term committed relationships, whether that is... Read more
18 February, 2011
Just as individuals go through life transitions, so do relationships and families.  One of the most difficult transitions a family will face is separation.  Whilst not all families... Read more