16 October, 2023

Stress is a normal part of life for all of us. Whether it’s at work, in our relationships, or worrying about the future, we all feel moments of anxiety building in our bodies.

Mindfully connecting with your senses can help you self-soothe when you’re feeling triggered or overwhelmed.

We list some easy ways to create calm using your five senses, and we encourage you to find your favourites for when you’re feeling stressed.



  • Get outside and look at nature
  • Light a candle and watch it flicker
  • Watch a movie that makes you happy
  • Turn off the lights and create a cosy, dark space
  • Look at photos of good memories with loved ones
  • Go cloud watching and see how many shapes you can make
  • Make a collage using magazine cutouts or printouts from Pinterest
  • Count the objects around you, whether flowers, freckles on your body, or tiles on the floor.



  • Smell flowers
  • Boil cinnamon
  • Bake some cookies or bread
  • Light a scented candle or incense
  • Apply your favourite perfume or lotion
  • Smell an item of clothing from a loved one.



  • Listen to a guided meditation
  • Listen to upbeat or relaxing music
  • Call a loved one to hear a comforting voice
  • Listen to white noise, rain, or nature sounds
  • Sit outside and pay attention to what you hear.



  • Hug someone
  • Get a massage
  • Cuddle your pet
  • Give yourself a hug
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Squeeze a stress ball
  • Cuddle a soft blanket
  • Stand in the grass barefoot
  • Put a hot or cold compress on your forehead
  • Gently tap yourself on your forehead and cheeks.



  • Chew gum or a mint
  • Eat your favourite meal
  • Make a soothing drink such as herbal tea
  • Eat a hard lolly slowly, savouring the flavour
  • Try a food or flavour you’ve never had before
  • Eat something that reminds you of good times.


If you need some extra help finding strategies to regulate your emotions, speaking to a professional counsellor can help. Our counsellors provide a safe and supportive environment to explore your feelings and find healthy ways to cope.

You can call 1300 364 277 to make an appointment or to learn more about our counselling services here.

Kids Helpline provides 24/7 support for kids, teens, and young adults: 1800 55 1800.

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