Moving to a new country is a big change, and has an impact on our old relationships, as well as the new ones we form.

Australia's history is steeped in the migrants who have sought a new life in the "lucky country". Many have come, bringing their own distinct customs, values and ways of living. Australia's culture has been enriched by this diverse and colourful contribution.

New migrants arriving in Australia have a significant adjustment to make as they learn about Australia, its culture and people.

This involves making massive changes in relationships through this journey:

  • saying goodbye to friends and family in their homeland.
  • making the journey to Australia, by many different forms of transport and potentially encountering many hazards along the way
  • arriving in Australia, meeting new people and experiencing new places and new ways of doing everyday activities
  • re-establishing a home, with or without friends and family support, starting to make new relationships, coping with cultural and language differences and, perhaps, intolerance and racism.

Migrants who have the advantage of knowing English and some knowledge of Australian culture still face the huge task of adjusting to new and difficult circumstances, with the hope of a better life.

Many of the people who come to Australia do not speak English, much less understand the culture and history. They come looking for better circumstances and promise of a new and more prosperous life.

The stress of these changes, coping with all the new and different experiences, places great stress on all relationships, especially on those closest to us: our families. In starting a new life it may help to find assistance to cope with all the changes that go on.

Relationship Support Services

The following services are available to new migrants to Australia:

  • Counselling
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Relationship related courses
  • Family Violence Prevention

We have a specialised Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) program, for those with diverse cultural backgrounds. Interpreter services are available. Please contact 1300 364 277 for details.