What is Family Law Counselling (FLC)?

A range of services to help individuals and families manage relationship issues during separation and divorce.

What is Involved?

Family Law Counselling aims to help individuals and families better manage their personal and interpersonal relationships during separation or divorce. 

FLC provides counselling, case management, property mediation, education, and information and referrals deepening on what you and your family require.  

The process starts with an intake session where your practitioner will work with you to understand your needs, goals, and situation. The practitioner will then be able to determine what services are best suited for you and your family.  

Who is Family Law Counselling for?

FLC is for families who are separating or going through divorce and are experiencing relationship issues and difficulties. 

The Benefits of Family Law Counselling
  • Support through separation for everyone involved 
  • Helps to create respectful, safe and fair relationships  
  • Provides access to pathways to engage a range of support services  
  • Helps to improve relationship communication, problem solving, and conflict management 
  • Helps to support respectful co-parenting 
  • Supports families finding new ways to have relationships with each other after separation 


If you would like to find out what programs are available near you, you can call the RAQ call center to be walked through your options.