How to do research with RAQ

RAQ values the role of research and supports many external researchers with conducting research at RAQ. In 2013 we established a Research Advisory Working Group (RAWG) to review research requests and monitor research projects conducted throughout RAQ. Please note, all projects need to be approved by a registered HREC (Human Research Ethics Committee).

What do I need to do if I want to conduct research at RAQ?

RECRUITMENT Click here if you want to recruit staff or RAQ clients for your research.
COLLABORATION Click here if you want to test a new program, survey, or want to have a more substantial research collaboration with RAQ.
AMENDMENTS Click here if you already have RAQ approval for your research but have amendments to your research and need it approved.
ANNUAL RESEARCH PROGRESS Click here for you to report progress on an RAQ approved research project.
COMPLETION REPORT Click here for you to produce a final report on an RAQ approved research project that has been completed.