20 May, 2016
‘Imagine you had a magic wand and you waved it around to make your wishes come true for the next day and you went to sleep. Next morning, you woke up. How would your family be different?’ This... Read more
19 May, 2016
This week is Families Week across Australia and it’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the protective factors provided by stronger families, towards stronger communities. With Tuesday being... Read more
06 May, 2016
Communication, conflict management, and family separation is my field.  Today on my drive to work I was pondering the power of words. How easy it is for words to influence our feelings and... Read more
11 April, 2016
Have you experienced a relationship breakup in the last 12 months? Researchers at Bond University are investigating how well individuals cope with relationship breakups. By understanding how... Read more
03 March, 2016
Recently a co-worker came in to the office with a young boy who hasn’t had the easiest of times in his life and on this particular day a significant event had occurred.  As the worker involved had a... Read more