08 April, 2013
A new paradigm is taking place in today's world and it speaks of our own personal well-being, the quality of life and how to improve our relationships. Most book stores have a special section on... Read more
28 March, 2013
Changing our ways is a difficult thing to do. Most people have had the experience, when trying to change certain habits or patterns, of ending up with a feeling of failure. It is common to fall back... Read more
01 March, 2013
If you've been watching ABC Television's fantastic series 'Making Couples Happy', you would have had an introduction to the Five Love Languages on last night's episode. One of our Gladstone... Read more
14 February, 2013
Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day, and others think it’s just a commercial farce. Whatever way you look at it, this might be a good time to think about the work that you are putting into your... Read more
12 February, 2013
ABC TV, backed by Relationships Australia, are showing a four-part series entitled Making Couples Happy, airing at 8.30pm Thursdays, from 14 February. Documenting a journey of eight challenging and... Read more