RAQ engages enthusiastically and competently in research and evaluation as a means of documenting and improving client outcomes.

Our mission is to build RAQ's reputation as an organisation committed to the evaluation of client outcome and to conducting innovative research that extends evidence-based client services.

Our Research Values

  • Client-focused: Evaluation and innovative research is focused on improving client outcomes.
  • Ethical: We conduct ethically approved research.
  • Accountable: We are accountable and transparent in how we use research resources to analyse client outcomes.
  • Professional: We value the contribution and expertise of staff and commit to measuring and enhancing standards of service and performance.

Our Research Goal

To be an influential leader of research that results in positive change and better outcomes for clients.

How we aim to achieve this goal

We will utilise sound research and evaluation practices to design, conduct and report research outcomes and will use those outcomes to advocate for improved client outcomes, to highlight social disadvantage, and to influence social policy and funding decisions.

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