Recruiting RAQ staff or clients for your research

Our staff – this includes the following staff categories 

  • Family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs or post-separation mediators)
  • Family & relationship counsellors
  • Victims of crime counselling support workers
  • Stopping family violence counsellors (perpetrator-focused)
  • Domestic & family violence support workers (victim-focused)
  • Gambling helpline service counsellors (includes financial counsellors)
  • Contact center personnel 

Our clients – this includes the following client categories 

  • Separated parents
  • Children of separated couples
  • Individuals presenting to any of the above services.

Steps in the process (click here for recruitment flowchart)

  1. You need to first have Ethics approval for your proposed research.
  2. Fill out the External Request to Recruit RAQ Clients or Staff for Research form
  3. Compile a submission file that contains the following:
    • The External Request to Recruit RAQ Clients or Staff for Research form  
    • Copy of Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) submission
    • Copy of Ethics approval
    • Participant Information Sheet
    • Consent forms
    • Other relevant materials connected to the research (measures, recruitment fliers, invites, etc)
  4. Submit documents to, our RAWG Secretary. 
  5. Wait for the Research Advisory Working Group (RAWG) to review your submission. Reviews can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. RAWG meeting dates for 2019 are:
    • Wednesday 6 March

    • Thursday 18 April

    • Thursday 27 June

    • Thursday 29 August

    • Thursday 24 October

    • Thursday 5 December

  6. We will review each recruitment and research request and consider how it fits with the RAQ’s strategic plan, its potential impact on our staff and clients, and its research significance.
  7. Receive notification of approval.
  8. You will be required to tender in any amendment requests if there are changes to your initial recruitment plans.
  9. Submit annual progress reports.
  10. Submit a final completion report upon completing recruitment.