Domestic violence takes many and varied forms.  Although every domestically violent relationship is based on the use of power and control by one partner, the manner in which this is exerted varies greatly.  Some examples of domestic violence may include: 

  • Controlling behaviours (not allowing the other party any privacy, dictating who they can talk to and when, checking phone records, checking grocery receipts, questioning constantly, etc.)
  • Creating fear (cruelty to a pet, having weapons in the house, or even having “a look”, etc.);
  • Intimidation (suddenly appearing when the partner is out with friends, constantly calling and/or texting when apart, breaking possessions, etc.);
  • Physical abuse (pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, attempted strangulation, hair-pulling, punching, etc.);
  • Verbal abuse (using words as a weapon, ridiculing, name-calling, yelling, etc.);
  • Emotional abuse (humiliating, degrading or demeaning the other person through put downs, and accusations, emotional withdrawal and refusing to speak for extended periods of time, etc.);
  • Social abuse (isolating the other party socially, constantly putting down friends and family or making them feel inferior whilst in social situations, etc.);
  • Sexual abuse (any unwanted sexual behaviours including coercion or sulking, etc.)
  • Spiritual abuse (making fun of spiritual beliefs, preventing them from attending services, etc.)

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