23 April, 2020

With so many pages, people and posts out there providing information around COVID-19, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fake. Some sources simply aren’t up to date with the latest info, and others intentionally set out to misinform their readers.

Understanding the coronavirus outbreak may help remove some of the anxiety surrounding it. But being bombarded with conflicting information can negatively impact your mental – and physical – wellbeing.

We’ve compiled a few reliable sources so you can stay informed and stay safe.


Official Pages for Health and Legislative Updates

World Health Organisation Official Updates

The World Health Organisation provides rolling updates on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic on a global level.

Australian Federal Government Official Updates

The Australian Government website is regularly updated to give you the latest Coronavirus news, updates and advice from government agencies across Australia. They also have their own app where you can access information.

You can download the app here:

Queensland Health Official Updates

Queensland Health provides local statistics on a state level, important information relevant for Queenslanders (including self-quarantine requirements and links to current legislation), and a self-assessment tool to help you check your symptoms if you are feeling unwell.

Australian Travel Advice

Smartraveller is regularly updated with the latest information and advice for Australians to stay safe overseas, including current travel bans and what to do when you can’t get home.


Resources for Working from Home

Safe Work Australia offers information and advice for working from home, including WHS requirements and risks.

Comcare has provided a Working from Home Checklist to help you create a safe work environment at home and avoid risks to your physical and mental health.

The Learning Blog by LinkedIn has helpfully provided a compilation of tools and resources for working from home effectively. This includes short online courses that cover topics such as productivity, time management, health and wellbeing, how to use tools like Skype and Zoom, and more.


Resources for Co-Parents

The Family Court of Australia provides an extensive list of questions and answers with official information and advice regarding co-parenting arrangements and court orders during COVID-19.


Resources for Maintaining Your Mental Wellbeing

And, of course, here at Relationships Australia Queensland, we always strive to provide relevant and valuable information to you within our areas of expertise. From coping with the grief of coronavirus cancellations, to self-isolation date night ideas, you can check out our latest advice on our blog.

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