21 January, 2022

Living and working in close quarters with your partner can take its toll.

It’s normal to feel crowded and crave some breathing room when sharing a space 24/7 – no matter how strong your relationship is.

You might find yourself becoming irritated by habits you’d never noticed before. Or perhaps you simply miss having some privacy throughout the day.

We hope this advice helps keep the romance alive and the tension at bay if you’re working from home with your partner.


Separate Your Workspaces

Avoid working in the same room if you can. It can help to have your own workspace to take calls and stay focused without someone typing away in the background.

If your home doesn’t have the space for two work areas, try separating your spaces with a room divider or tall plant. If all else fails, noise-cancelling earphones can create a sense of privacy (and hint that you’re not up for a chat).


Schedule in a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Period

Agree on a timeslot dedicated to ‘quiet time’ each day to eliminate distractions. This means no talking or texting each other until the time is up.

Whether it’s an hour or four, this allows you to focus on your work without your partner popping in to ask about dinner plans or to show you that funny dog meme.


Find Pockets of Alone Time

Depending on COVID restrictions in your area, you may be able to get out of the house and have some time to yourself.

You might like to eat your lunch at your favourite picnic spot or take a quick walk around the neighbourhood. If you’d rather stay indoors, you could create your own oasis in the bedroom by hanging fairy lights and reading or listening to a podcast with the door closed during your lunchbreak.

Sneaking in some solo time each day can make a huge difference if you’re feeling tapped out and short-tempered at home.


Prioritise Quality Time Together

It can be easy to take your partner’s company for granted when you spend all day under the same roof.

You might miss the days when you couldn’t wait to get home from work to share stories about your day. But when you’re working within metres of each other, it might feel like there’s not much left to talk about come knock-off time.

It’s important to make time for non-work-related conversations to maintain your friendship and intimacy outside of work hours.

Date nights are another great way to book in some romance. You might like to do something special like cook dinner together while listening to your favourite music, or have a board games night for some friendly (or flirty!) competition.

And don’t forget to keep up the physical affection and words of affirmation. A hug here and an “I love you” there can help show your love and appreciation throughout the day.


Everyone handles stress differently. And while it’s normal to feel irritable and overwhelmed to an extent, it’s important to seek help if you’re struggling to cope.

You can call us on 1300 364 277 to make an appointment with a professional counsellor over the phone or via video chat, or learn more about our counselling services here.