12 January, 2012

Many fathers today see themselves as an integral part of family life no longer content to put all their energy and love into their careers. Increasingly, fathers are taking time to play, cuddle, talk and teach their children.

Unlike the past, where fathers were more inclined to be distant, fathers today are seeking to share parenting responsibility, strive for a better balance between work and home and to be there to encourage, support and believe in their children.

Fathers bring different things to parenting, things that are unique and irreplaceable in the way they show consistency, firmness, warmth and involvement.

There are a number of things that children like to do with Dads

  • Accompany Dad on adventures and experiences in the big wide world
  • Hear stories about Dad’s life and see what they are doing for a living
  • Learn to make and fix things together
  • Play and cuddle

Separation and divorce can often be a huge blow to a father’s hopes and dreams for his children. If you are in this situation it is important to remember that you divorce your partner not your children.

Relationships Australia can assist former partners through mediation to work out an ongoing parenting plan. This will ensure that fathers still stay connected to their children and the children benefit from being loved and cared for by both parents.

Relationships Australia can be contacted on 1300 364 277.