29 March, 2021

Has social distancing put a dampener on your love life?

As bars and restaurants close and self-isolation becomes the norm, our ‘dinner and a movie’ date nights will have to be put on hold (for now).

But that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time with your special someone. In fact, it’s more important than ever to take a break from the stress of the current health situation and nurture our emotional connections.

Keep the romance alive without leaving the house with these fun date ideas.


1. Cook a Meal Together

Whipping up dinner during the week can be more rushed than romantic. Take some time on the weekend to find a new recipe that involves some hands-on preparation – like homemade pizza or sushi – and enjoy reconnecting in the kitchen.

If you want to add an element of excitement, hone your inner MasterChef and challenge your partner to see who can make the better dish.


2. Have a Backyard Picnic

Get outside those four walls and take in the fresh air with a backyard picnic – all you need is a picnic blanket and your favourite meal. Better yet, get it delivered. You may not be able to dine in at your favourite restaurants at the moment, but many are still offering delivery and takeaway.

Hang some fairy lights, light some candles and play some ambient music to add to the romantic experience.


3. Revisit Your Favourite Board Games

If you’re guilty of relying on TV and the internet for all your entertainment, mix things up with a little friendly competition. Monopoly, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Chess – whatever your pick, board games are a great go-to for indoor fun.

Revisit your old childhood favourites or order new games online to add to your rotation.


4. Do a Workout

Missing the gym? You can still work up a sweat at home! Whether you follow online workouts or come up with your own, exercising with your partner can give you the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.

It’s also been known to increase emotional bonds and overall happiness in relationships – so get moving!


5. Play Two-Player Console Games

If you have an Xbox, PlayStation or other gaming console, grab yourself a second controller and a multiplayer game and you’ve got yourself one playful date.

Console games are a great escape from daily life, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in foreign worlds of colourful characters, realistic racetracks, gripping gunfights and more.

With so many multiplayer games available, you’re sure to find something you both enjoy.


6. Have a Movie Marathon

An oldie but a goodie, this classic at-home date night idea is perfect for a low-key, cosy night in.

Re-watch your favourite film series, take turns picking what to watch next, or choose movies based on a particular genre (did someone say ‘rom-com night’?). Don’t forget the popcorn!


7. Get Arty

What could be more romantic than painting your partner’s portrait? Making art with your loved one is a fun way to foster your creativity and take your mind off things.

Plus, just 45 minutes of creative activity can reduce your stress. So whether you’re painting fruit, a sunset, or each other, an arty date is a great way to relax and unwind.


8. Learn Something New

Exploring new hobbies and interests together is a great way to break up your self-isolation routine.

You could learn a foreign language, pick up an instrument, plant a vegetable garden, or give photography a go. Enjoying something different during your downtime allows you to gain new skills and learn more about each other – win-win!


9. Do a Questionnaire

Let’s face it – after a few days in quarantine, the conversation can get a little stale. Questionnaires are a fun way to spark unexpected conversations and discover things about each other you otherwise may not have unveiled.

Pinterest is a great source for questionnaires and quizzes for every age. Or you can get creative and come up with your own trivia game to test how well you know each other.


10. Have a Silent Disco

You may not be able to hit the town at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a boogie (without waking the neighbours)!

Sit down and make a playlist of all your favourite songs, and then grab your headphones, get your dancing shoes on, and turn up the volume.


Check out our article How to Survive Self-Isolation with Your Family for more practical tips, or contact us on 1300 364 277 between 8am-8pm for support.


Infographic - date night ideas