Even healthy relationships need help from time to time.

Has your relationship lost the spark that it had when you first met? Do you daydream about that romantic relationship with the person of your dreams and yet it never seems to come true? Or is your relationship a bit humdrum? There aren't problems. It's just that there is no excitement to make you want to rush out on a Friday evening.

Some people believe that:

  • we should automatically know how to have that 'perfect relationship'
  • that it should be easy and if we can't work it out then something is wrong with us
  • once we get married then everything should be all right and we don't have to worry about our relationship any longer.

Even those among us who have been taught how to manage and sustain healthy positive relationships have difficulties from time to time. Relationships demand many things of us and as we grow these demands change and we need to be willing to change with them.

Having effective relationships that meet our needs requires us to be willing to learn and change the way we relate.

There are many ways for us to go about improving our relationships. We can do some reading in self-help books, talk to friends and family about what they do, we can seek professional help and we can do courses.

Relationships Australia offers a range of support that you might find useful.

Relationship Support Courses

Relationships Australia offers courses and seminars that focus on preventing problems and help you to enrich your relationships. Courses and seminars are helpful for singles, couples, parents, and for people who have separated.

Relationship Support Services

Counselling can support you with your relationship problems or challenges and can help you enrich your relationship. The counselling, environment is a safe environment. In counselling couples are supported to develop skills and establish common goals in their relationship. The counsellor is respectful of the individual and the relationship challenges and facilitates a respectful counselling process. In counselling couples are supported to speak to each other about sensitive and difficult things.

Family Dispute Resolution Services can help you resolve conflict, especially during separation, by identifying issues, exploring options, testing possible solutions and putting agreements into writing.