Referral for Active Intervention

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What is Referral for Active Intervention?

Working with you to improve the safety and well being of your family.

What is Involved

The purpose of Referral for Active Intervention (RAI) is to help improve the safety and wellbeing of children and their families.

RAI is a free and confidential service available to families who have children 0-18 yrs old in their care.

RAI is a supportive service designed to build on family strengths and improve family relationships.

If RAI is recommended to you by one of the following government departments, Communities (Child Safety Services), Housing and Homelessness Services, Education or Health we will contact you to discuss with you if you would like to participate.

The program is voluntary therefore you do not have to participate if you choose not to. If it is decided that you would like to participate in the program, we will arrange a suitable time and place to meet. You do not need to come to our venue. We can come and meet you at a location that is suitable for you and your family.

Who Is Referral for Active Intervention For?

Parents and families who have been referred by one of the listed government departments who require assistance around increasing the safety and well being of their children and family.

The Benefits of Referral for Active Intervention

  • Improve parenting skills
  • Assistance around budgeting skills
  • Develop coping skills for dealing with difficult family issues or crisis
  • Encourage children to attend and do their best at childcare and school
  • Better manage household duties, such as cooking and cleaning
  • Improve self esteem and feel more confident as a parent or care-giver
  • Improve the relationships within your family
  • Access health and welfare services, including doctors, counsellors, drug and alcohol services, sexual health services and child health specialists

Available at RAQ Venues

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How to get there?

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Need To Know More?

For more information or to make an appointment please call 1300 364 277.