Domestic and Family Violence Prevention

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What is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention?

Providing a comprehensive range of counselling and support services for people affected by domestic and family violence and those who use violence within their families.

What is Involved

A range of individual and group support programs are offered in several regions to address and prevent family violence. Our services are directed at ensuring everyone has the right to feel safe and free from abuse in their home - whether that abuse involves hitting, threats, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or any other behaviour that is controlling or coercive. The programs are designed for people experi¬encing family violence - to help them towards safety, and for people who are committing these acts of abuse - to help them to stop.

The programs offered include:

  • Counselling and support for victims
  • Refuge for women escaping domestic violence
  • Men’s perpetrator behaviours change
  • Children’s domestic and family violence counselling
  • Call 1300 364 277 and we will arrange a face-to-face interview with a family violence prevention worker, or refer you to the most suitable service.


Who Is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention For?

For people who have experienced violence or abuse, or have committed violence and abuse and want to stop, and for people seeking help for children who have witnessed violence or abuse.

The Benefits of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention

  • Assistance in better understanding the situation, and how to take the first steps towards change.
  • Experience has taught us that groups of men and groups of women, working with a skilled and experienced facilitator, can provide the kind of support which helps people to achieve long-term change in stopping violence in the relationship and create a new relationship based on non-violence and respect.

Our first concern is always to make sure that everybody in their family is safe. Often it takes some time before patterns of abuse in a family can change. Our worker will talk about the groups we have available both for people who have been abused, and for people who are behaving abusively and want to change.

Services Map

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How to get there?

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Need To Know More?

For more information or to make an appointment please call 1300 364 277.