Relationships Australia surveys the Australian population every two to three years to find out what is going on with our relationships.

2008 Survey Results

The Relationships Indicators Survey 2008 contains the findings from interviews conducted with 1,200 people aged 18 years and over in all states and territories of Australia about their relationships.

Key Themes

  • The three main internal issues that people thought caused partner relationships to break down were:   communication, commitment and expectations.
  • Key external influences identified as contributing to relationship breakdowns were financial stress and work pressures.
  • Friendships in particular are highly important to people and are as sought after as short-term or long-term relationships.
  • The proportion of people with a spouse, live in/defacto or non-live in partner increased from 2006 to 2008.
  • The three key challenges people face in finding a partner are that: there’s no-one suitable; how do you meet people? and lack of time.
  • Stress, work pressures and lack of time to spend with their partner are the top three factors that could negatively impact upon partner relationships.