Victims Counselling and Support Service

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This venue is located within the CML Building.

The venue is located in a large, two storey, multi-coloured building. We are co-located with SunnyKids.


After operating for many years from the Humanities Centre in Ipswich, on 1st July 2009 this branch moved to its current location to operate from a building purchased by RAQ.

The Ipswich venue runs the Focus on Kids course as required. This...

Greater Townsville Region is now open. Large, new two story white and glass office building at the north west corner of Riverway Drive and High Range Road. RAQ's services are located on the ground floor.

This is an outreach of the Loganholme Venue, situated at the Capalaba Community Centre.

Outreach venue facilitating on-site services, as well as off-site visits to the following areas: Illfricombe, Barcaldine, Alpha, Muttaburra, Aramac, Jericho, Isisford, Tambo, Blackall, Windorah, Stonehenge, Jundah, Winton, Birdsville and...

Chermside venue opened October 2005. Terry Sullivan MP, Member for Stafford, launched the venue on 4th April 2006. A primary focus of our venue is the provision of a range of services to assist children and families during post separation,...

The current building was built in the 1980s, but services were delivered from a house on the site long before then. The current building was renovated in 2009.


The main focus of the Victims Counselling and Support Service is to assist people who have been personally affected by crime to manage the situation as best they can and to provide them with resources to assist them to resume their lives.


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