31 May, 2011
Being Taken For Granted The problem:  When we start to date someone special, our focus is on that person and building the relationship.  It can be one of the most joyous and happy times of our lives... Read more
13 May, 2011
Couples often express difficulty in communicating. Communication is a key component in creating solid foundations for a healthy relationship.  Good communication consists of three essential skills... Read more
02 May, 2011
We can log on to the internet and meet new people every day and all we will know about them is what we see remotely on the screen - a photo, their internet username and how they choose to describe... Read more
18 April, 2011
The birth of a first child and the process of becoming parents is a major turning point for most relationships. Each person's experience of becoming a parent is different. While for some it will be... Read more
11 April, 2011
Differences of opinion are normal and can be enriching for a relationship. Some conflict in relationships is inevitable, but there are ways to handle conflict so that it is not destructive to you... Read more